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Transformer Dismantling and Removal  
The process is designed to take the guesswork out of dismantling and removing your industrial transformer, from assessing the job site, to complete removal and clean up; our process is worry free and seamless. This radical and integrated approach includes offering fair market value for reclaimed metals alongside a competitive estimate for the entire project.

Our crew is made of highly trained professionals who possess the specialized skills and safety certifications essential to each project. Our equipment and tools are well maintained, efficient, and well suited for the dismantling and removal of industrial transformers.

This comprehensive service saves hydro companies valuable time and effort. It allows hydro crews to focus their efforts on configuring the new unit for installation, while the damaged unit is being deconstructed and prepared for transportation. Essentially, the teams work simultaneously. In addition, the deconstructed unit is removed in smaller pieces, resulting in safer transportation and fewer complications.

Bins and Truck Services  
RIM offers bin and trucking services to a variety of industries.  If your business requires roll off bins with 20 ton load capacity, or a customized solution for hauling oversized materials, please contact us for more information.  For further details regarding bins, visit our equipment page. 
Scrap Metal Recycling    
If you are interested in selling your scrap metal, RIM offers competitive rates for a variety of different metals.  For more information, or if you are interested in selling your scrap metal, please visit our Scrap Metal Yard page. for yard services and a listing of accepted metals. .