Racco Iron & Metal

Racco Iron & Metal | Core Competencies

Racco Iron & Metal has been setting standards for the removal and dismantling of industrial transformers for years. Our carefully orchestrated process involves a combination of five main competencies that only RIM can deliver.

Our strength is in our people and our ability to assemble and recruit qualified and dynamic teams that recognize and respect each other’s ideas and expertise. We focus on the teams’ best interests. We unite as individuals who stand together and work to achieve a high standard of quality and the best possible results for our clients. Our leadership training harnesses our knowledge and experiences and empowers our crew to innovate, grow, and become our future leaders.

Our process for dismantling, removing, and recycling of industrial transformers accounts for 80% of our services and is proven to be efficient, safe, and effective. Innovation and continual improvement maintains our position at the forefront of our industry. Our continued growth within the industry validates our purpose and inspires us to improve and innovate. Our unique process for dismantling industrial transformers was developed in the early 1980s by our founder, Domenico Racco, and the process is kept under strict confidentiality due to pending proprietary processes. Our belief is that success in business is not measured solely in dollars and cents; rather, success is a process that empowers us to use our knowledge and experience as a boundless tool for growth. Racco Iron & Metal is committed to upholding all applicable industry and Government  training certifications, If you require more information please contact us.>>

One of our unique value propositions is our availability to our customers when called upon.  From assessing the job site to assembling a qualified crew, our priority is getting the job done efficiently and safely in the shortest time possible. Knowledge and experience allows us to act decisively and with a sense of urgency. We believe, “Our work is our promotion and our people are our brand.” We achieve organic growth through satisfying and retaining our current relationships with our clients and fostering new relationships through our quality of work, our reputation, and our reliability.

Safety of our crew and all personnel involves being well informed, trained, and compliant with all relevant industry standard safety procedures. Engaging in a clear, open dialogue with our crew and clients allows us to identify any potential safety risks and prevent unsafe practices. The safety of our team, contractors, and the physical job site is our number one priority alongside our quality of work. Racco Iron & Metal is committed to upholding all relevant industry standard safety practices, and certifications. If you require more information, please contact us.>>

Over the decades of dismantling transformers, our knowledge and experience have led us to discover better ways to improve our processes and our customers’ outcomes. The result is a safer and cleaner way to work. Our continuous national growth presents us with new challenges to address with respect to the impact that travel, disposal, and material haulage have on the environment. These include fuel consumption, proximity, equipment maintenance, efficiency, and handling onsite environmental hazards.  Environmental protocols have been established to assist in reducing our carbon footprint. They include the following:

Highly Maintained and Eco-Efficient Equipment
Racco Iron & Metal has strict policies for using, maintaining, and handling equipment. The entire fleet of heavy machinery, ranging from roll-off trailers, front loaders, and material handlers, is constantly tested and maintained to ensure maximum fuel efficiency. Any additions to the fleet are acquired from certified dealers and are equipped with only the latest in fuel efficiency technology.

Proximity and Project Reconnaissance
Reducing our carbon footprint is ensured by implanting efficiency best practices. A qualified project lead will travel to the jobsite and conduct an initial site assessment to determine the tools and manpower required for the project. This allows RIM to prepare an accurate checklist of only the essential equipment and personnel required for the project. The job scouting process is not only to assess the scope of the project, but also to allow RIM to determine if local partners of equipment and supplies can be utilized to circumvent the need to haul heavy machinery and supplies. The ultimate goal is to reduce the amount of unnecessary fuel and energy required to haul machinery, equipment, and supplies for long distances.

Handling and Disposal of Contaminants and Refuse
Every RIM crew member is trained to handle and dispose of onsite contaminants and materials. Several of our projects are based in remote areas where conservation and wildlife flourish. Oil spills, rubbish, and other materials, if left unattended, can pose environmental hazards to the surrounding communities, the ecosystem, and wildlife. RIM ensures that all materials and contaminants are properly stored and disposed of upon completion of each job.