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"It is better to burn metal than it is to watch it rust. Staying active and engaged motivates us to do better and learn from our experiences and from each other."
- Domenico Racco-
Seeing opportunity and going for it.
On a spring morning in 1980, what started as a routine day changed the perception of business and what defined success for Domenico Racco. On his way to work, Domenico noticed what he called an “anomaly” protruding from the horizon: an intensifying, thick, dark cloud of smoke billowing in the sky, impairing his view of the scenic landscape. As a father of three and a self-proclaimed advocate for the environment, he was compelled to discover how and why a local scrap yard in his neighboring town of Goodwood, Ontario, managed to create such an environmental hazard without any regard for the residents.

“At that time, there were very few laws to prevent this from happening, and the current laws in place were not well enforced.” Raised with a strong work ethic and a determination to succeed, and as a true family man, Domenico took action. With the support and collaboration of today’s largest scrap metal recycling organization, Domenico Racco took possession of the inefficient local scrap yard and founded Racco Iron & Metal Ltd. in 1984.

His first order of business was “No more pollutants in the air.” Upon acquisition of the yard, an efficient, eco-friendly incinerator was installed and all non-recyclable remnants were disposed of properly and in compliance with environmental laws. He quickly equipped the yard with a drive-up weighing system, making it convenient and profitable for local residents and businesses to recycle ferrous and non-ferrous metal items. 

  The message of recycling metal and being fairly compensated motivated both individuals and businesses alike. It also allowed RIM to communicate the benefits of recycling metal from both a monetary and environmental perspective.

Having successfully communicated its aspirations of becoming synonymous with recycling scrap metal, RIM caught the attention of the local hydro company in need of assistance with dismantling an industrial transformer. Having decades of experience dismantling larger metal objects such as old shipping containers, industrial machinery, and building materials, Domenico saw the opportunity to carve out his own niche within the market.

Dismantling, removing, and recycling industrial transformers accounts for 80% of RIM’s services and is identified as one of their primary core competencies. Domenico is credited with pioneering an innovative method for deconstructing large metal objects such as industrial transformers in a safe, ecologically responsible, and effective way.

Today, Racco Iron & Metal focuses their efforts on continual improvements in safety, processes, skill development, leadership training, and customer satisfaction. Their planned growth is to service hydro companies nationwide and offer paramount dismantling and removal of industrial transformer services to prominent hydro companies.

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